2016 Ongoing Research Projects

Surgical Outcomes System (SOS)

SOS logoThe Surgical Outcomes System is an orthopedic and sports medicine international data registry owned and licensed by Arthrex, Inc. Dr. Higgins and Dr. Warner have had a material role in the development of the SOS platform. The system allows orthopedic surgeons to collect and analyze patient outcomes and procedures pre- and post-operatively. We have enrolled over 1000 patients since 2011 and have initiated multiple research projects for future publication utilizing this prospective database.

Additional information may be found here.


OrthoSpace Ltd. Investigational Device Study for Rotator Cuff Tears

Partners HealthCare System is conducting a clinical research study to evaluate a new investigational device, manufactured by OrthoSpace Ltd., for arthroscopic treatment of massive rotator cuff tears in the shoulder. For more information, Click Here or visit our page at ClinicalTrials.gov