Quality Measures

By Lauren Burton, B.A.

Here at the Boston Shoulder Institute, we are committed to delivering quality-driven and value-based care, centering on the satisfaction of our patients.  We ensure that our patients receive the quality care that they deserve through communication, accessibility, accountability, transparency, care coordination, critical introspection, and risk evaluation.  We balance patient-centric shoulder care while honoring our continued commitment to academic growth, research, and analysis of outcomes to further improve methods of care delivery.

Click here to navigate to BSI’s most up-to-date surgical outcomes data: 2015 BSI Surgical Outcome Report

The Boston Shoulder Institute Website: A Resource for Both Patients and Professionals

The items featured on the Boston Shoulder Institute website speak directly to our goals to increase patient education and awareness of their diagnosis, treatment options, expected outcomes, and risks associated with treatment.  The website acts as a resource for both patients and professionals to gain insight into shoulder care and quality initiatives practiced at the Massachusetts General Hospital and Brigham and Women’s Hospital.

This website features detailed descriptions of various injuries and conditions associated with the shoulder.  Each description is accompanied by easy-to-follow diagrams and associated patient testimonials.  Patients have the ability to read about treatment options for their condition, as well as the expectations for recovery and outcomes.  Patient education and transparency of outcomes are essential in order for patients to engage in shared decision-making, in which they can work with their physician in order to come to a mutual conclusion about the best course of treatment for a particular individual.  Furthermore, patients have the ability to see Dr. Warner’s and Dr. Higgins’s infection and readmission rates, as well as their reported outcomes of specific procedures.

The Boston Shoulder Institute website further acts as a resource for patients by enabling them to book appointments, find recommended physical therapists in convenient locations, and learn more about scheduling their surgery and treatment related to worker’s compensation.

The Boston Shoulder Institute not only commits to educating its patient population, but also to educating physicians and other medical professionals. The website outlines current controversies within the realm of orthopedics and healthcare in general, and provides updates and recent publications related to healthcare reform and policy.  Additional resources include video documentation of surgical techniques and physical therapy exercises.  By reporting our outcomes to improve patient transparency, we hope to set a good example of quality care for other health care professionals, and encourage them to engage in these practices.