Dr. Warner’s Surgical Outcomes Report: 2015

Jon J.P. Warner, MD

This data represents the surgical complications and accounting for Dr. Warner during the year of 2015.


Physician Overview for the Year 2015

  1. Dr. Warner performed 525 surgeries throughout the year 2015.
  2. Of the 525 operations, 93 were revisions and 432 were primary surgeries.

Dr. Warner’s 2015 surgeries are organized by type below:

JPW surgeries by type chart

JPW surgeries by type pie

JPW primary v revision pie2015 Surgical Outcomes Report: Complications

Reported below are all of Dr. Warner’s discovered complications during the 2015 calendar year. Of the 525 surgeries Dr. Warner performed, 16 patients (3%) were found to have experienced a complication. Please see the data depicted below.

JPW complications table

JPW complications by type pie 2

Management of Complications

How Many Surgeries Required Readmission?

Of all 525 surgeries in 2015, 6 cases (1.1%) had to be readmitted to the hospital for management. 1 was for a nerve problem, 2 were for failed hardware of reverse shoulder arthroplasty, 2 were for rotator cuff tears, and 1 was related to the heart and lungs. 4 of these problems were resolved, and 2 are ongoing (management of a recurrent rotator cuff tear, and a nerve issue in the hand). Itemized details by case are found in the “Complications by Type” section.

JPW readmission 2

 Ongoing Complications

Of the original complications, how many have been completely resolved? The chart below shows this information.

3 complications are still ongoing. These cases are being actively managed and monitored.

– 2 are related to chronic nerve issues: 1 is tingling/numbness in the hand, and 1 is   continued pain after harvesting bone from the hip bone.

– The last complication is related to failure of the rotator cuff.

Note that for further details on specific complications (for example, ones that are ongoing) additional information can be found in the section below, “Complication Details by Type.”

JPW ongoing vs resolved

Complication Details by Type

In the spirit of transparency and accountability, BSI is moving to provide the most detail possible for each complication. This unique feature enables patients to be fully informed. Each of Dr. Warner’s 2015 complications is detailed below, along with whether it is resolved or ongoing. Wherever possible, the patient’s level of satisfaction with their shoulder is included. The complications are itemized by type.

JPW nerveJPW failed TSA

JPW RCJPW anes other