AC Joint Injuries and Pain

Information about AC Joint Injuries and Pain

"Dear JP,
Just wanted to forward you a souvenir of my 300+ mile bike trip from Jerusalem to Eilat, during a charity bike ride in Israel. Having resumed long-distance biking, my shoulder has held up just fine. Thanks for all your good work and encouragement."

- M.K. (post-AC Joint Separation and debridement)

"My shoulder is doing great. I'm back to weightlifting, fishing, biking and playing racquetball after a twenty year layoff. (Photo) is a 12 pounder I recently caught which I couldn't have done before my surgery."

- S.B. (post-Distal clavicle resection, acromioplasty, and subacromial decompression)

"If not for the surgery, I couldn't do my job."

- G.G. (Post- AC Resection)

"On mike bike, finally, Thanks for fixing my (AC joint) separation. It feels almost as good as new."

- K.N.