Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide Regional, National, and International leadership in the care of problems affecting the shoulder. We will provide state of the art patient care with compassion and empathy in a patient-centric model while honoring our commitment to academic excellence, research and a critical analysis of patient outcomes. This mission is based on advancement of knowledge through research, improvement of care through education of physicians, and collaboration with healthcare colleagues.

This mission is built on a three point foundation:

Vision Statement

Clinical care of shoulder problems can only be improved if critical introspection is married to the desire to educate. One must be willing to risk criticism and accept reinvention of one’s approaches. Our vision is thus, to continually improve through critical review of treatment outcomes, new scientific information, and patient experiences. We will employ a patient-centric approach and create the preeminent center for management of shoulder problems.


We will achieve our goals through innovative use of technology and techniques for education and critical assessment of patient treatment outcomes.

Definition of Institute

  1. A collection of such principles and precepts
  2. An organization for the promotion of a cause
  3. An educational institution and especially one devoted to technical fields

The Boston Shoulder Institute is created for the purpose of advancing care of patients with problems affecting the shoulder. Our principles are to recommend the best treatment based on the current scientific evidence, and with empathy which entails what we would chose as treatment for ourselves or our family members under the same circumstances.