2008-2014 BSI Readmission and Infection Data

The data below depicts the re-admission and infection data collected at the Boston Shoulder Institute between the years 2008-2014. Please reference the 2015 BSI Surgical Outcome Report for definitions of re-admission and infections. The 2015 BSI Surgical Outcome Report contains the most up-to-date information on patient outcomes.

2008 BSI Readmissions 2008 BSI Infections

  • 1 patient with general sepsis after scapulothoracic fusion. Treated and resolved with fluid hydration and anti- nausea
  • 1 patient with nausea and vomiting after Latarjet (instability) Treated and resolved with fluid hydration and anti-nausea medications.
  • 1 infection after a revision total shoulder replacement Patient admitted for removal of prosthesis and placement of antibiotic cement spacer (prostalac).
  • 1 patient with cholecystitis (gall bladder attach) after a total shoulder Treated with medications and resolved.

2009 BSI Readmissions 2009 BSI Infections


  • 1 postoperative fever. Resolved with only observations.
  • 1 infection after open rotator cuff Resolved after surgical irrigation.
  • 1 postoperative infection with P. acnes (likely related to patient’s three previous surgeries). Resolved with antibiotic course




2010 BSI Readmissions 2010 BSI Infections



  • 1 anemia (low blood count) after shoulder Resolved after transfusion.
  • 1 failed reconstruction for Resolved with reverse shoulder replacement.
  • 1 case of dehydration after total shoulder Resolved with IV fluids.
  • 1 case of CHF (congestive heart failure) after shoulder Resolved with medical intervention.
  • 1 hematoma after Reverse Prosthesis. Resolved after surgical
  • 1 myocardial infarction (heart attack) after shoulder Resolved with medical treatment.
  • 1 hip fracture due to fall unrelated to shoulder tendon Treated with surgery by hip surgeon.
  • 1 repeat infection treatment (planned). Readmitted and resolved with surgical
  • 1 failure of plate fixation after clavicle fracture Resolved with repeat surgical stabilization of fracture.


2011 BSI Readmissions 2011 BSI Infections


  • 1 readmission with infection after total shoulder Patient went to OR and had debridement and washout, which showed infection. The patient then had a resection arthroplasty.
  • 1 readmission for posterior dislocation of prosthetic joint from Treated with capsular plication. Later, patient fell and dislocated again.  Treated with reverse total shoulder arthroplasty.
  • 1 readmission with suspicion of infection at site of iliac crest bone Went to OR for debridement and washout- cultures were negative.


2012 BSI Readmissions 2012 BSI Infections


  • 1 readmission with infection of Resolved by surgical and medical interventions of Prostalac antibiotic spacer followed by a reverse total shoulder replacement with a PICC line placed.


2013 BSI Readmissions 2013 BSI Infections

  • 1 readmission with infection of revision total shoulder arthroplasty. Patient returned to OR for placement of a Prostalac antibiotic
  • 1 readmission with infection following pectoralis major transfer. Patient returned to OR and had debridement and washout.  Patient has improved following OR return.
  • 1 readmission for neuropathy following an arthroscopy and osteoplasty. Patient returned to OR and had an axillary artery exploration/repair.
  • 1 readmission for loss of fixation following open fixation with bone graft. Patient returned to OR for a closed reduction with percutaneous pinning.
  • 1 readmission for a fracture of the coracoid and a split bone graft following a Latarjet procedure. Patient returned to OR for a debridement and removal of screws.
  • 1 readmission for pleural effusion following Scapulothoracic Fusion. Patient returned to OR for a drainage of effusion.