Prostalac Spacer for Infection

Information on Prostalac Spacers



6 years post Prostalac insertion for failed total shoulder arthroplasty:


G.V. (61 year old male 7 years post conversion of infected hemiarthroplasty to Prostalac spacer):

  • No pain
  • Subjective Shoulder Value of 70%


P.V. (Left Prostalac for infected TSA, Right TSA for arthritis, Former professional football player and now plays golf with no pain):




"3 Years following conversion of hemi-arthroplasty to PROSTALAC spacer for infection"

- G.V.

"Golfing with my prostalac 6 years later"

- G.V.

"Working with my prostalac 6 years later"

- G.V.

"Here I am on my chopper 2 years after my prostalac for an infected shoulder. I can ride my cycle with no pain now."

- W.H.