Instability Repair

Information about Shoulder Instability

Post-Operative Information:

  1. Arthroscopic Anterior Stabilization
  2. Open Anterior Stabilization
  3. Latarjet- Anterior Stabilization
  4. Posterior and Posterior-Inferior Capsular Shift
  5. SLAP II & IV and Complex Arthroscopic Labral Repair



“Thanks for putting me back together again!”

– O.L. (After Latarjet procedure)


“Dr. Warner, I wanted to send you a clip of my wakeboarding from this past Labor Day weekend. My left shoulder is feeling better than ever all thanks to you and my physical therapist. I also recently played hockey this past Tuesday for the first time since the surgery and again it was feeling awesome! Feels great coming back 5-6 months later doing what I love! THANKS A LOT!!

– R.C. (6 months after Latarjet procedure)


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"I've been working out very hard and I'm starting to feel really good on my bike again. I'll be sure to get you some pictures of that soon. My Trainer has been putting me through the mill including me pushing his car up and down the parking lot at the gym."

- K.R. (Revision stabilization with ICBG)

"Thanks Doc."

- P.H. (Captain of College Lacrosse Team 2 years after Latarjet reconstruction after failed anterior instability repair of the shoulder)

"I'm back swinging."

- M.G. (After arthroscopic Bankart repair.)

"It’s been nine good years since my surgery."

- W.B. (9 Years after arthroscopic Bankart repair)

"Flying High"

- J.D. (4 years after arthroscopic repair of anterior shoulder instability.)

"I have returned to all my activities and am so much better than before and the many years of protecting it. I’ve attached a picture from my Extreme Fit class that I thought you’d get a kick out of."

- A.M. (one year after arthroscopic Bankart (instability repair) procedure.)

"After my labral tear repair surgery in April 2018, I had a successful trip to Mallorca, Spain in Nov 2019 to check off my bucket list item of deep water soloing over the Mediterranean."

- R.R. (two years after right Bankart Repair)