Fellows’ European Experience

“I was fortunate enough to work with Professor Gerber and Professor Meyer in Zurich, Switzerland as well as Dr. Lafosse in Annecy, France. I thoroughly enjoyed my time in Zurich, working with their whole team. It was very interesting to experience a different health care system, both the University setting in Zurich and the private clinic in France. I learned a lot from both Professor Gerber and Professor Meyer about the different ways they handle shoulder problems and their thoughts on different techniques and procedures. I was able to scrub on many cases and they were nothing but gracious hosts, always including me and teaching throughout the entire day. Zurich is also a beautiful city and wonderful to explore. My month in Annecy, France was just as wonderful. Dr. Lafosse made me quickly feel a part of the team and was very eager to talk through his treatment algorithms. He was a wonderful host, having us to dinner at his house and making sure we enjoyed our time in Annecy. I also very much enjoyed working with his other fellows as well as exploring Annecy with them. Lake Annecy is the most beautiful area with lots to explore. Finally, as I was there over the holidays, I had a week off around Christmas and my husbdand and I got to ski in the Swiss Alps. It was the most amazing experience and definitely one of the many highlights of the Boston Shoulder Institute Fellowship!”

-Catherine Fedorka, MD (Former Fellow 2015-2016)

“Getting the experience to travel to Europe and spend time training with some of the most renowned shoulder surgeons in the world is one that is completely unique and unmatched amongst shoulder and elbow fellowships in the U.S. It was an eye-opening experience to see and learn different perspectives on diagnosis and treatment of common pathology seen all over the world. From basic things like clinic and OR flow and function to operative techniques, each country and surgeon has their own individual style and approach. In addition to the interesting differences, it is also fascinating to see the similarities, which speaks to the incredible global collaboration that has been cultivated in shoulder surgery by Dr. Warner and many of the leaders abroad. I spent time working with Dr. Gerber in Zurich and Dr. Habermeyer in Munich and both experiences were invaluable. In addition to the medical education experience, you get the chance to establish relationships with foreign surgeons and the unique experience of living in another country for two months. I brought my wife and two daughters with me, and it was a really special time for our family that we will remember forever. I couldn’t be more grateful to have had this opportunity.”

-Michael Messina, MD (Former Fellow 2015-2016)


Hey boss,

I just wanted to say thank you for the opportunity you gave me to come to Europe. It has been an invaluable experience that I will never forget. I have learned a great deal and picked up some tricks I will keep with me. But more importantly I learned how lucky I am to be able to work with you. I may be biased but I think this opportunity allowed me to appreciate more how great of a surgeon/teacher you are and that I hit the jackpot with this fellowship.  I am excited to get back to your practice and Boston.  See you soon.

Au revoir,

-Eric Bonness, MD (Former Fellow 2017-2018)