Information about Glenohumeral Fusion

Patient 1:

This patient had multiple failed rotator cuff repairs that led to destruction of her deltoid muscle and arthritis.  Due to her significant pain and deltoid dysfunction, a shoulder arthrodesis was recommended.

At her most recent follow up she is very satisfied with her surgery and has no pain.

Figure A: Preoperative X-ray demonstrating severe arthritis

GH fusion_(2)

Figure 2: Postoperative X-rays of the fusion

GH fusion_(3)

GH fusion_(4)

Figure 3: CT scan of humerus fixation to the glenoid:

GH fusion_(5)

Video of pre- vs. post-operation:


Patient 2:

This patient had 6 previous surgeries for glenohumeral instability that all failed.  She had significant pain requiring narcotic pain medications and continued instability.  After failing all other management options she was offered a shoulder arthrodesis.

She underwent an arthrodesis that fully fused and she had no symptoms of instability. She did have pain from her hardware which resolved when it was removed 3 years after her fusion.

7 years after surgery, she she indicated she had minimal pain in her shoulder and no feelings of instability.

Figure 1: Preoperative X-rays

GH fusion_(6)

Figure 2: Postoperative X-rays with Hardware:

GH fusion_(7)

Figure 3: CT 1

CT with healing and ingrowth (4 months after fusion surgery)GH fusion_(8)

Figure 4: CT from another angle:

GH fusion_(9)

Figure 5: X-rays after Hardware removal:

GH fusion_(10)

Video of post-operative examination: